Who We Are…

We care about your future & work smarter

Education Doorway is a registered and licensed education consulting firm that based in London City – United Kingdom The company is handling with all aspects of educational services such as selecting institutions, ducational consulting, educational support services, educational prerequisite test and facilitating reciprocal student exchange programs.

Education Doorway accelerates educational services at home and abroad. We are offering a standard and professional education consulting services to all to our individual clients and corporate clients at national and international level. We work hard to meet and achieve our clients’ expectations whenever they entrust us. 

Our education consultants are qualified with UK degree in their respective fields. All our members are trained and experienced with dealing problems faced by local and international students. 

Every member of staff regularly attends training session, workshops, and evaluation sessions. In order to up-to-date with policy changes and methods which enable them to enhance their skills to interact with students appropriately. Our international office staffs are also very well trained with the guidance of UK office. We do face to face consultation for our local UK students and for international students, we use SKYPE or phone call..