UK Scholarship


UK scholarship pay part or all of a student’s tuition to a university, college, or any form of an educational institution. Generally, they are based on academic performance; however, they can also be awarded based on the candidate’s background.

On the other hand, bursaries are ordinarily regular lump sums given to students to help pay for their living costs while studying.

UK Scholarship opportunities

What are the top UK scholarship for international students?

A handful of the most recognized scholarship, though far more, are available.

Chevening UK Scholarship

Funded by the Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office, the scholarship offers the opportunity for anyone to study at the master’s level at a UK university – over 50,000 successful applicants have been awarded the scholarship since its conception in 1983. Applications are graded on a mixture of excellent academic performance and relevant work experience.

 The Commonwealth Scholarships

The British Council helps around 800 students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the commonwealth study at the postgraduate level each year. They apply to both master’s and Ph.D. courses for one year; flights to and from are also included to further accessibility.

 Euraxess UK Scholarship

Euraxess offers the opportunity for academics and researchers to move to and study in the UK, furthering their careers abroad. Students from a wide range of backgrounds are accepted and are considered solely on academic merit.

Any tips for applying to UK Scholarship?

Yes! You can do several things to put yourself in a better position ahead of the application process

Prepare your documents

Though not mainly related to the success of your application itself, having your documents prepared first will make the process a whole lot easier. As such, you will have more time to focus on the actual application itself.

Do your research

While it may sound simple, many will completely neglect to do comprehensive research on the scholarship. Instead, they goggle at the money offered and apply right away.

Keep an eye out for any more fine details or anything mentioned within the information to boost your application. Equally as importantly, do some background research on the company/charity itself – is there a way you can relate your studies to the work they do? Is there anything you have in common with them that you can mention?

Perfect your application

Ultimately, whether or not you are accepted, you will, of course, depend primarily on the quality of your initial application.

Take time to ensure you answer each question thoroughly. Be careful of any grammar and spelling mistakes, as these can sometimes be costly if glaring. If possible, get an English native to analyze and offer critical support about your application.

Network with former applications

By simply speaking to those who have formally applied for and successfully attained the scholarship, you put yourself in a far better position.

You will almost certainly find that there are Facebook groups or alike for those primitively applied. The popular forum ‘The Student Room’ can also be a goldmine for information, allowing you to connect with former applicants.

What are bursaries?

If you cannot secure a full scholarship, a bursary can sometimes be an excellent ‘alternative’ – though it does remain somewhat of a downgrade.

In simplest terms, bursaries are lump sums of money regularly awarded to students for various achievements. These can be just a one-off or spread across multiple semesters/years of study.

If studying in the UK on an Erasmus scheme, ensure you take full advantage of the Erasmus+ funding available. This can sometimes amount to £500 per month in free, non-repayable funding.

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The UK welcomes over half a million international students each year; 270,000 are new. 


Why the UK?

The UK offers generous scholarships to commonwealth students; talk to our team for more details.

Entry Requirements

The UK offers generous scholarships to commonwealth students; talk to our team for more details.


Why the UK?

The UK offers generous scholarships to commonwealth students; talk to our team for more details.

Application Process

The UK offers generous scholarships to commonwealth students; talk to our team for more details.