Visa Application Service

Our Visa Application service is one of the most comprehensive ones. You will be allocated a dedicated caseworker who deals with your application closely.

International students from outside the UK or EU must apply for a student visa. Once you’ve been offered a place on a course you will require to apply for your student visa.

You can apply up to three months in advance of your course start date. It normally takes up to 15 days but could be longer at peak times, so make sure you apply early enough.

However, there are a few things you need to do first before you can send off your visa application.

Stage 1. Chose a Course & University: 

This is probably the most stressful job when planning to study abroad. What to study, where to study, how much it going to cost, what options will be better for me considering cost vs quality, and all the factors that matter to me, do I have enough information to make the right decision? All these are valid questions and concerns.

There is no straightforward answer for most of these, its always matters and varies in individual cases. Therefore, it feels incredibly difficult to make a choice. It requires plenty of research, high attention to details, and importantly many of your valuable hours. We are here to make it simple and easy – we have the experienced and highly trained advisors in the UK who are ready to walk you through this most challenging stage.

Stage 2. Apply for a course & Prepare for Academic Interview: 

Once you have found a course and university, it’s your time to apply to the university for a position. This stage is very important, as a huge number of students apply from all over the world it highly competitive. You need to support and submit your application in a mature manner to have an advantage over other applicants. 

Once you have applied, most of the case the university will be scheduling an academic interview before it can accept or reject an application. These are often done over the phone or online. The university wants to establish if you are the right type of student they are looking for. They will ask you a set of questions and mark you on how your response. 

We will inform you of any other supporting documents you can provide to enhance your chances of acceptance. Our experienced support team will assist you through this.

Stage 3. Offer Letter & CAS:

When a university is happy with your application it may issue you a conditional or unconditional offer letter. You must fulfill the condition of a conditional offer letter e.g. IELTS score. 

You must receive a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a university approved by UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) before you can submit your visa application. You must pay your tuition fee at this stage (at least a minimum amount required by the university) before you can request a CAS letter. 

We ensure the ultimate hassle-free, fast and smooth admission with our partner universities. 

Stage 4. Funding:

You must provide evidence of funding to pay for both your course tuition fees and your monthly living costs.

 Tuition fees are on average £12,000 per year but can range from £8,000 to £36,000. Many universities accept 50% – 60% of the fast year tuition fee to be paid advanced. 

You will also need to show that you have £1,265 for each month of your studies (up to a maximum of nine months) to pay for living costs if you study in inner London. Therefore, if you will be studying in inner London for a course lasting nine months or more, the maximum amount that you will need is £11,385.

How much fund you should have in the bank? – that largely varies to individual circumstances. If you are applying from any Asian country, we recommend you have £22,000 – £25,000 equivalent fund in the bank at least for a period. This above figure is just an estimate, to find out your specific figure please contact our advisor who can help you with this specifically. 

Visit the UK Visa and Immigration website to check the full eligibility criteria for a UK study visa. 

Stage 5. Interview 

This probably most heart beating chapter for a visa applicant. It’s often done over the phone that is scheduled in advance. Many genuine students face rejection just because they didn’t take it seriously or taken too seriously. You need to know what queries can be made and how to handle it. Our specialist consultants will help you with very closely – so no panic, just stay focus. 

Stage 6. Supporting Documents:

Your success largely depends on how to support your visa application. At this stage, you need to pay for the UK health service. We will provide you the list of documents and assist you to organise all that you require. 

Stage 6. Visa Application:

In order to submit your Tier 4 student visa application, please visit the UK Visa & Immigration website to complete the online application form. International students from all countries have to submit the visa application online. You will also need to have your fingerprints and photograph (known as ‘biometric information’) taken at a visa application centre as part of your application.

Our consultant will guide you through this stage and make sure everything is done to the highest standard.