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Talented individuals who desire to achieve higher in their careers are ideal for Master’s Degree programs. A postgraduate degree from a reputed university enables you to gain the subject-specific knowledge and skills required to raise further into a specific area. As a student, you have access to the library, IT, and sports facilities from your first day at the university.

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Postgraduate courses are an excellent way of standing out from the crowd in tough interviews.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Arguably one of the most prestigious university programs of all, a Master of Business Administration course sets you up for an excellent career.

A Global MBA will cover all business areas, giving the student a comprehensive view of management and its required tasks. It looks outstanding on a CV and is, in some cases, a requirement for higher management jobs.

Almost all universities will offer some form of MBA qualification. Prices will vary from the institution; typically, many MBA students in the UK will be sponsored by their workplaces to complete the course rather than paying for it out of their pocket.

MSc/MA Marketing

Not as high-ranking as an MBA, an MSc/MA in Marketing is still a valued postgraduate course.

Typically, many MBA candidates may even hold a prior masters in marketing. A master’s in Marketing/Business allows students the opportunity to move into a higher position immediately out of university, giving them a boost on their career path.

Applicants will not usually be discriminated against based on what they studied at the undergraduate level; all can apply. Many, however, will likely have studied something such as business at the undergraduate level.


MA Law

Many who study something completely unrelated at the undergraduate level but still wish to pursue a career in law will study a master’s in law.

Typically, most law master’s candidates will have studied something along the lines of History, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL), or Business at the undergraduate level – though this could be anything. Rather than what you studied, applications are more based on where you learned and your level of attainment.

Law conversion masters will typically require an impeccable academic record, including numerous stunning references.

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