Post Graduate

Course Name DurationMode of StudyStart DateLocation
MSC Courses
MSc in Strategic Business Management1 YearFull timeJan/May/SeptemberLondon
MSc in International Human Resource Management1 YearFullTimeJan/May/SeptemberLondon
MSc in Corporate Financial Management1 YearFull timeJan/May/SeptemberLondon
MSc Business and Financial Management 1 yearFull timeJan/May/SeptemberLondon
MSc Business with International Management 1 yearFull timeJan/May/SeptemberLondon
MSc Business with international Management with advance Practice 16-22MonthFull timeJan/May/SeptemberLondon
MSc Computing and Technology 1-2yearsFull/Part timeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Business and Marketing Management 1 yearFull timeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Business Marketing Management with advanced Practice 16-22 MonthFull timeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Cyber Security 1-2 yearsFull Time/Part TimeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Digital Marketing 1 YearFull timeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Mass Communication Management 1 yearFull timeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Professional Practice 2 yearsPart timeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Project Management 2 yearsPart TimeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc Web Mobile Development Technology 2 yearsPart TimeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon
MSc International Business1 yearFull timeJan/May/SeptemberLondon
MSc in Strategic Business Management1-2 yearsF/P timeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/Leeds
MSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management1-2 yearsF/PtimeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/Leeds
MSc in International Marketing1-2yearsF/PTimeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/Leeds
MSc in Corporate Financial Management1-2 yearsF/P timeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/Leeds
MSc Marketing 1 yearFullTimeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/Manchester
Extended MSc in international marketing16 monthsFull timeJan/Feb/SeptemberLondon/Birmingham
Extended MSc in international Business16 monthsFull timeJan/FebSeptemberLondon/Birmingham
MSc Digital Marketing1-2yearsF/T timeFeb/SepLondon
MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management1-3YearsF/T timeFeb/SepLondon
MEd Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages1 yearFull timeSeptemberLondon
MSc Advance practice(Nursing)1 yearFull timeSeptemberLondon
MSc Global Primary care management1-5 yearsFull timeSeptemberLondon
MSc Project Management1-2 yearsF/P timeFeb/SepLondon
MSc Quality management1-2 yearsF/P timeFeb/SepLondon
MA & MBA Courses
MA Design Management 1 yearFull timeSeptemberLondon
MBA (International)1-2 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondon
MBA Health care1-2 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondon
MSc International Project Management1-2 yearsFull timeJan/SepLondon
MBA1-2 yearsF/P timeFeb/SepLondon
DBA3-6 YearsF/P timeAugustLondon
Research Degree
PhD3-5 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondon