Our Services

Services for International Students

  • Free and impartial education consultation
  • Guiding to choose best institution based on student’s aspiration and ability.
  • Supporting to apply for visa for International Students
  • Induction services to step in settling new countries.
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Our Free Study service Includes:

One to one consultation

Our one-to-one consultation service will support you a lot in making right decisions about your education and career. A study shows that almost all of our clients are happy with our one-to-one consultation service, whereas 85% of clients think this service provides valuable advices and guidelines about their educations and careers.

Our one-to-one consultation service will provide you:

  • Free consultation with our skilled and experienced education consultant/ a university specialist in our office or through Skype/telephone
  • A list of universities with their available courses and requirements to enrol in
  • Guidelines of filling in the enrolment application forms
  • Guidelines of making/editing your personal statement (that is a requirement to enrol in many university of UK)
  • Advices to get ready the required documentations for enrolment at university
  • Advices on how to fulfil the university requirements
  • Information on when the intake/session are started and ended at universities
  • Information on available scholarships offered by universities
  • Advices on how to get conditional and unconditional offers from universities
  • Advices on how to ensure CAS at your chosen university
  • Support you from beginning to ending of course which you have enrolled through us

Course Selection

Our course selection service will help you in choosing the right course to achieve your dream career. As part of this service, our experienced education consultant will evaluate:

  • Your aims and goals along with dream career
  • Your education (background), qualification, skills and experiences
  • Your financial and other circumstance
  • Which particular course may suit for you to gain your dream career
  • The market trends and demand of your chosen course
  • Any potential changing demand of your chosen course in future
  • How your chosen course may support you to achieve your dream career
  • If you are eligible/suitable for the chosen course
  • At which universities your chosen course is available
  • Advise you about the requirements of universities to enrol in your chosen
  • Provide information about the course fees and durations at different universities, and the intake/session of your chosen course
  • Guide you about what documentations you need to enrol in your chosen course

Choose Institutions

Our institution selection service will help you in choosing the right institution to achieve your dream qualification. As part of this service, our experienced education consultant will provide information about:

  • Locations of different universities/institutions
  • Facilities provided by different universities/institutions
  • Quality of education and ranking of particular institution/university
  • Teaching and learning environment of particular institution/university
  • Resources (lecturers/tutors, library facilities) available at particular university/institution
  • Any scholarships offered by particular institution/university
  • Tuition fees and payment options of particular institution/university
  • Which university/institution can be the best suite for you