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CourseDurationMode of StudyStart DateLocation  HND (Art and Design)2 YearsFull TimeJan/April/ SepLondonAccess to Diploma (Business and Accounting)2 YearsFulltimeJan- 16London  HND (Fashion)2 YearsFulltimeJan/April/ SepLondonHND Business Management  2 YearsFulltimeJan/April/ SepLondon/BirminghamHND Fashion and Textiles2 YearsFulltimeJan-16LondonHND Information Systems Engineering(ISE)2 YearsFulltimeJan/April/ SepLondon/BirminghamHND Network Engineering & Telecommunication System2 YearsFulltimeJan/April/ SepLondon/BirminghamHND Health and Social Care Management2 YearsFulltimeJan/April/ SepLondon/Birmingham


Course NameDurationMode of StudyStart DateLocationBSc CoursesBSc (hons)Nursing studies1-2 yearsFull timeFeb/OctLondon     BSc(hons) Professional Health Studies2yearsPart timeSeptemberLondonBSc (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management3 YearsFulltimeJan/SepLondonBSc (Hons) International Business Management3 YearsFulltimeJan/SepLondonBSc (Hons) Business and Law3 YearsFulltimeJan/SepLondonBSc (Hons) Business and Marketing 3 YearsFulltimeJan/SepLondonBSc (Hons) Business and Tourism 3 YearsFulltimeJan/SepLondonBSc (Hons) Law and Accounting3 YearsFulltimeJan/sepLondonBSc (Hons) Finance and Accounting3 YearsFulltimeJan/SepLondonBSc (Hons) Business and Healthcare Management3 YearsFulltimeJan/sepLondonBSc (Hons) Business and Hospitality Management3 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondonBSc Accounting and Management3 yearsFull timeJan/ SeptemberLondonBSc (Hons) Business Studies3 yearsFull timeJan/May SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/ ManchesterBSc Computing system3 yearsFull timeSeptemberLondonBA CoursesBA English as a second Language2 YearsFull TimeSeptemberLondonBA (Hons) top up 1 year (top up)Full timeJan/Feb/ SeptLondonBA(Hons) Enterprise Creation and Management 1 year (top up)Full timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonBA (Hons) International banking and Finance1 year (top up)Full timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondon  BA (Hons) Applied computing 1year (top up)Full timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonBA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management3 yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/ LeedsBA (Hons) Business and Finance3 yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/ LeedsBA (Hons) Business and Finance with Foundation Year4yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/LeedsBA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management with Foundation Year4yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/LeedsBA (Hons) Business and Marketing3 yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham /LeedsBA (Hons) Business and Marketing with Foundation Year4yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/LeedsBA (Hons) Business Management with Foundation Year4 yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Leeds/BirminghamBA (Hons) Business Management3yearsFull timeJanuary/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/LeedsLaw & OthersLLB (Hons) Law3 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondonGraduate Certificate in Business 1 SemesterFull timeJan/May/ SeptemberLondon

Post Graduate

Course NameDurationMode of StudyStart DateLocationMSC CoursesMSc in Strategic Business Management1 YearFull timeJan/May/ SeptemberLondonMSc in International Human Resource Management1 YearFull TimeJan/May/ SeptemberLondonMSc in Corporate Financial Management1 YearFull timeJan/May/ SeptemberLondonMSc Business and Financial Management 1 yearFull timeJan/May/ SeptemberLondonMSc Business with International Management 1 yearFull timeJan/May/ SeptemberLondonMSc Business with international Management with advance Practice 16-22 MonthFull timeJan/May/ SeptemberLondonMSc Computing and Technology 1-2yearsFull/ Part timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Business and Marketing Management 1 yearFull timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Business Marketing Management with advanced Practice 16-22 MonthFull timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Cyber Security 1-2 yearsFull Time/ Part TimeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Digital Marketing 1 YearFull timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Mass Communication Management 1 yearFull timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Professional Practice 2 yearsPart timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Project Management 2 yearsPart TimeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc Web Mobile Development Technology 2 yearsPart TimeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondonMSc International Business1 yearFull timeJan/May/ SeptemberLondonMSc in Strategic Business Management1-2 yearsF/P timeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/LeedsMSc in Leadership and Human Resource Management1-2 yearsF/P timeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/LeedsMSc in International Marketing1-2yearsF/P TimeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/LeedsMSc in Corporate Financial Management1-2 yearsF/P timeJanuaryLondon/Birmingham/LeedsMSc Marketing 1 yearFull TimeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondon/Birmingham/ ManchesterExtended MSc in international marketing16 monthsFull timeJan/Feb/ SeptemberLondon/BirminghamExtended MSc in international Business16 monthsFull timeJan/Feb SeptemberLondon/BirminghamMSc Digital Marketing1-2yearsF/T timeFeb/SepLondonMSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management1-3YearsF/T timeFeb/SepLondonMEd Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages1 yearFull timeSeptemberLondonMSc Advance practice(Nursing)1 yearFull timeSeptemberLondonMSc Global Primary care management1-5 yearsFull timeSeptemberLondonMSc Project Management1-2 yearsF/P timeFeb/SepLondonMSc Quality management1-2 yearsF/P timeFeb/SepLondonMA & MBA CoursesMA Design Management 1 yearFull timeSeptemberLondonMBA (International)1-2 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondonMBA Health care1-2 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondonMSc International Project Management1-2 yearsFull timeJan/SepLondonMBA1-2 yearsF/P timeFeb/SepLondonDBA3-6 YearsF/P timeAugustLondonResearch DegreePhD3-5 YearsFull timeJan/SepLondon
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