Cheapest Places to Live UK

5 Cheapest Places to Live UK international Students

The UK is a popular destination for international students, but it can also be an expensive place to live. However, some Cheapest Places to Live UK exist where international students can find a great place to live without breaking the bank.

The United Kingdom is renowned for its top-tier education system, which attracts students globally. It stands out as a leading study destination for those seeking affordability outside the United States. Despite the allure of high-quality education and promising prospects, some students find the cost of studying in the UK prohibitive. Beyond university tuition, they must cover accommodation, food, transportation, and other expenses. This financial burden can dissuade budget-conscious international students from considering the UK for their studies.

List of 5 Cheapest Places to Live UK

1. Cardiff: A Budget-Friendly Haven for Education

Cardiff, the vibrant Welsh capital, stands out as one of the most economical cities in the UK for international students pursuing their education. Home to the esteemed University of Cardiff, a proud member of the Russell Group, the city offers more than just quality education. International students can take advantage of many part-time job opportunities, helping them manage expenses and gain valuable experience. Cardiff’s affordability extends to housing, with lower rents compared to other university cities and the added perk of cost-effective transportation. Living farther from your educational institution or workplace is feasible without breaking the bank. According to the 2021 NatWest Student Living Index, Cardiff boasts the second-lowest monthly rental among all UK university cities.
Cardiff’s Affordability Highlights:

  • Part-time job opportunities for international students.
  • Lower rents compared to other university cities.
  • Cost-effective transportation options.
  • Second-lowest monthly rental among UK university cities.

2. Cambridge: More Than Academic Prestige

The University of Cambridge, globally ranked 6th by Times Higher Education (THE), is renowned for its academic excellence. Beyond its stellar reputation, Cambridge surprises many as one of the more cost-effective cities in the UK. The 2021 NatWest Student Living Index positions Cambridge as the second-most affordable student city in the United Kingdom. Students benefit from outstanding graduate prospects and enjoy affordable housing and travel expenses.

Cambridge’s Affordability Highlights:

  • Globally ranked sixth university
  • A second-most affordable student city in the UK.
  • Excellent graduate prospects.
  • Affordable rent and travel expenses

3. Glasgow: Where Education Meets Affordability

Glasgow, the largest city in Scotland, hosts prestigious institutions like the University of Glasgow and the University of Strathclyde. With a rich cultural history and architecture, students enjoy an excellent education and various cultural experiences. The 2021 NatWest Student Living Index ranks Glasgow as the third-most affordable city in the UK. Affordable accommodations and reasonably priced public transport make Glasgow an ideal destination for budget-conscious students.
Glasgow’s Affordability Highlights:

  • Rich cultural history and architecture.
  • Third-most affordable city in the UK.
  • Prestigious universities.
  • Affordable accommodation and public transport

4. Newcastle Upon Tyne: Northern Charm on a Budget

Newcastle, a famous university city with internationally ranked universities. Including Newcastle University and Durham University, Northumbria University, embodies Northern England’s affordability. While tuition may not be the lowest, Newcastle offers low rents and budget-friendly public transport. Known for its friendly atmosphere, Newcastle provides a welcoming environment for students.
Newcastle’s Affordability Highlights:

  • Internationally ranked universities
  • Low rents and affordable public transport
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • A prime example of Northern England’s affordability

5. Nottingham: History, Art, and Affordability

Nottingham, home to the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University, is a historic city with cultural landmarks like the Nottingham Castle Museum and the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery. Apart from its rich history, Nottingham offers lower tuition fees than many other institutions, high-quality yet affordable accommodations, and an elaborate transport system. These factors position Nottingham as the eighth-most affordable UK student city.
Nottingham’s Affordability Highlights:

  • A historic city with cultural landmarks
  • The eighth-most affordable UK student city
  • Lower tuition fees.
  • High-quality yet affordable accommodations and transport system

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Place to Live

When choosing a place to live in the UK, it is important to consider a number of factors, including:

The cost of accommodation: This is likely to be your biggest expense, so it is important to find a place that is affordable.
The cost of living: This includes the cost of food, transport, and other essentials.
The quality of life: This includes factors such as the safety of the area, the proximity to your university, and the availability of amenities.

Tips for Saving Money in the UK for Students

There are a number of things that international students can do to save money in the UK, including:

Taking advantage of student discounts: Many businesses offer student discounts, so be sure to ask before you buy anything.
Cooking your own meals: Eating out can be expensive, so cooking your own meals is a great way to save money.
Using public transportation: Public transportation is a cheap and convenient way to get around.
Living in a shared house: Sharing a house with other students is a great way to save money on rent.
By following these tips, international students can find affordable places to live in the UK and enjoy their time studying abroad.


Discovering the cheapest places to live UK involves considering various factors, from economic advantages to hidden costs. Whether you prefer the charm of small towns, seaside serenity, or budget-friendly city living, the UK has options that cater to diverse lifestyles. Make an informed decision and embrace affordability that aligns with your personal and financial goals.