Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC)

Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC)

Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC)

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The Cambridge Ruskin International College (ARU College), formerly the Cambridge Ruskin International College, offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses to students who cannot be admitted directly, have not studied the subjects required for their chosen degree or have had a break from school. In 2008, ARU College was founded in Cambridge, UK. In addition to guaranteed entry into ARU degrees, students complete the ARU College pathway.The first priority of ARU is supporting its students and making sure that their learning environment is comfortable and encouraging. We want the best for our students and to help them achieve their full potential by earning a degree from ARU.ARU is one of the largest universities in the east of England, with campuses in two of the UK’s most exciting cities, Cambridge and Chelmsford. As well as its academic success, ARU also offers its students a very welcoming and supportive atmosphere. Cambridge and Chelmsford both provide a relatively small city environment with safe surroundings and an atmosphere that is conducive to studying.

Why the Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC)

Guaranteed Entry to Anglia Ruskin University

Students who successfully complete their pathway course and maintain good attendance at Anglia Ruskin University will be guaranteed entry to a degree at ARU.

Exceptional Student Support
Pathways offer modules focusing on skills essential for university-level education, such as Critical Thinking, to prospective university students who would like additional training.

Services for International Students

A comprehensive education is essential to success, and Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) is committed to providing you with the support you need. Our International Student Support team is available to assist you throughout your time at our university. They handle the needs of all our students.

ARU’s International Student Support team helps students with assignments, attendance monitoring, disability support, English language support, learning support, orientation programs, registration with ARU and ARU College, sports and social activities, student welfare, study skills training, and 24-hour emergency assistance, among other services.The Compass Programme offers extracurricular assistance and wellbeing support to students who are struggling academically, psychologically or financially.


  • Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) is ranked among the top 40 universities in the UK and among the top 350 institutions in the world in the 2023 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings.

  • In 2022, Anglia Ruskin ranked 39th in the UK according to the Times Higher list of the world’s top 350 universities

There are many accommodation options available to students at Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC), so choosing the right one has never been easier. They can choose from a variety of flats or apartments, including a private apartment, a shared apartment, a studio apartment, etc. The average monthly rent for an apartment is between £500-700 depending on their budget and interest. If students are interested in the opportunity to share an apartment with a fellow student, the residence places in the city are all safe and within walking distance of the university. This can save them significant amounts of money on their monthly budget.

In Cambridge, Cambridge Ruskin International College is located on East Road, at Anglia Ruskin University. Cambridge has long been known as a city of learning. The city is home to vibrant and diverse cultures, as well as historic sites & scenes, which make Cambridge a better place to live and study.

Providing the support and resources needed to make the most of your studies is essential at ARU College, which believes that excellent campus facilities are crucial. Over the past five years, ARU has invested over £80 million in campus developments, with a further £124 million planned for the next five.

The Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC) is well known for the employability of its graduates and offers students the best career guidance from the start. Graduates have a high employment rate and a wide range of career options. In partnership with some of the UK’s most prestigious and successful businesses, the university has enhanced employment prospects for graduates.

Top Features

Top Rated

Beautiful Location

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Residential Facility

Campus & Location

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Cambridge Ruskin International College (CRIC)


Address:Anglia Ruskin University, Eastings Building,, East Road, Cambridge CB1 1PT, United Kingdom

You Must Know

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Entry Requirement

ARU College uses English as its primary language. Students must demonstrate a suitable level of English proficiency to be admitted to the undergraduate or postgraduate pathways. All ARU College courses require an IELTS overall score of 5.5 (with a minimum of 5.5 in all four components).

Based on the current English Certificate, they’ve provided a calculator to help you determine your entry level.

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Tuition Fee

LIVING COSTS     £9,600
UNDERGRADUATE       £14,170

First semester fees must be paid in advance for visa purposes and acceptance. The fee deadline for the second semester and each subsequent semester is Friday of teaching week 9 of a current semester if you choose this option and decide to pay for each semester individually.


There are also many scholarships and bursaries that the Cambridge Ruskin International College offers as a means of assisting their students with their financial situation. Here are some of the most popular scholarships and bursaries that the CRIC offers:Tuition fees for one academic term are covered by the Academic Merit Scholarship.The Navitas Family Bursary covers up to 10% of tuition feesThe International Merit Scholarship is worth £500.

What You Like To Study

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Course and Faculty

  • Foundation pathway
  • First year pathway
  • Architecture
  • Art and design
  • Business
  • Engineering, computing and technology
  • English, media, drama and writing
  • Heath and Social Care Professions
  • Humanities and education
  • Music
  • Law and policing
  • Medical and life science
  • Psychology
  • Sports science
  • UK student course matrix
  • International student course matrix
  • Criminology and Law
  • Public Health and Social Sciences
  • Psychology and Sports Science
  • Life and Medical Sciences
  • Business, Finance and Management
  • Computing, Engineering and Technology
  • Education, English Language, and Creative Writing
  • UK student course matrix
  • International student course matrix