Get a U.S. student visa without IELTS language test requirement

At Global Migrate, we have international partnerships that help us offer affordable US education programs that provide you with a U.S. F1 student visa. These programs are affordable with fees in $20,000 – $25,000 range. These programs also don’t have a TOEFL or IELTS language test requirement.

United States of America - USA

Thousands of graduates each year are faced with one daunting question – ‘What’s next?’
Education has always held high regard when it comes to a career choice and it is important that people make the right choice deciding the right move. Whilst most people are happy to study in their home country, many are desirous of pursuing their further studies overseas. 

Most people tend apply for educational programs abroad as a continuation of studies but there are some that take this decision years after they have completed their last qualification. Most applicants applying for academic programs overseas do so to help them settle in the country and migrate there permanently as it is an easy pathway for foreign nationals.

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Why chose our program to study in the USA

United States - The most desirable country to study abroad

The United States of America has always been a popular destination for people looking at migrating overseas. Foreign nationals require an F1 student visa to study abroad. After securing admission at a school or university, the onus lies on the candidate to evidence the following:
– They meet the stipulated requirements
– They have sufficient funds for their stay
– They will abide by the visa conditions and return home before the visa expires.

Global Migrate Partner University Programs

At Global Migrate, we have international partnerships that help us offer lucrative programs for prospective clients. Our focus is to ensure that all our applications are successful. We have a special program on board for the F1 – Student visa with minimum requirements and quick processing for those keen on studying in the USA. The key features of these programs are as follows: 

1.Most applicants for student visas fail to meet the language requirement barring them from pursuing their dream. This program has no language test/ IELTS requirement making it very convenient for many applicants to receive a successful outcome

2.Not everyone has the financial means to study further when they are younger. Our student visa program ensures that gap in education because of professional work or other reasons is not a deterrent to you obtaining the student visa. This opens options for many professionals looking to further their career with quality education

3.Another factor that stops people from applying is paying the exorbitant tuition fees. Our new initiative lets students pay the fee once they have successfully landed in the US and the prince ranges from an affordable $20000-25000 USD.

4.The F1 visa allows students to work part-time while studying and full-time over the holidays. This significantly helps you cover living and accommodation expenses to quite an extent

5.Besides this, we do have a good refund policy if your application is rejected because of our errors. 

We understand that this may sound confusing at this point. Speak to our panel of expert student Immigration advisers and they will address all your queries.

Why choose Global Migrate?

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