Why Study in the UK

Study in UK with 2 years Work Permit

UK Government recently has re-introduced Post Study Work (PSW) visa for the international student who will complete their graduation in the UK. This move has been welcomed by UK universities and international students greatly. Under this rule, an International student will be entitled to remain and work full time after their study. This opportunity will give them enough scope to gain relevant experience to secure a UK job after this period and get an extension for another 3 years work permit; eventually Permanently Reside in the UK (PR). A PR or ILR can be applied when an individual has lived on a work permit for 5 years.

Very recently the UK has completely come out (BREXIT) of European Union – This historic event also placed international into focus points in many ways e.g. Job opportunities, equal rights as other EU students. Since then; the UK has adopted a student-friendly migration policy. It is now welcoming a greater number of students outside the EU region than ever before. Therefore, UK has become the top destination for international students who can come to the UK, get a degree, and full-time employment. If they finally like the UK, have the opportunity to settle down taking clear routes without much hassle.
If you think you like a boost in career chances – it the time to consider taking a UK course right now.

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