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We are currently looking for Business Partner – Individual & Business.

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Whether you are an individual or a business owner passionate about UK & International Student Service we are looking for you.

We are a student recruitment firm based in London having offices in multiple international locations.

We work with 100+ UK universities and offer a wide range of courses at all levels. Our services are 100% FREE for international applicants. We offer our partner FREE training and close assistance. We pride in Fast service and honest advice.

How it works?

It’s all about recruiting students for UK Universities. We will share revenue for a successful case. You can join either Working Partner or Referral Partner program.

As a Referral Partner, you just need to refer us an applicant – we do everything for you. This model best suits any individual with or without any formal office set-up.

As a Working Partner, you will be working closely with us from lead generation to visa support for the applicants. This model best suits a business identity with a formal office set-up that aims to or already operates consultancy, education, and/or similar services.

How to Start?

  1. You register for a Partnership interest.
  2. One of our Business Development personal will contact you.
  3. We come back to you with a partnership outcome.
  4. If positive – Partnership starts

We are already working with many small consultancy firms and an individual. So, join our highly rewarding partnership today. Register Today