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Anglia Ruskin University

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The establishment of the Cambridge School of Art in 1858 begins the story of ARU. In 1992, the art school grew and turned into Anglia Ruskin University (ARU). Overs the years, several partner institutes and colleges have become a part of ARU in the UK as well as overseas. ARU has three other campuses other than Cambridge, including London, Chelmsford, and Peterborough. In recent years, £115 million have been invested on the campuses for the development and to facilitate the students.

Why the Anglia Ruskin University

There are several reasons to choose ARU

  • Ambition: ARU is academically ambitious for both; its students and itself. In the Times Higher Education Working University Ranking, ARU has been named among the top 350 institutions in the world in 2021.
  • Excellence: In the Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide, ARU ranked in the top 20 universities for teaching excellence for 2017.
  • Collaboration: Many of the courses of ARU are acknowledged by the industry, making its students career-ready. Each year, the university help 2,000 businesses grow with research, interns, collaborative programs, and interns.
  • Enterprise: ARU is full of ambition and is innovative and enterprising. The university nurture these qualities in its students as well with support, mentorship, and start-up funding.
ARU makes sure that its students stay happy in every aspect of their lives at the campus. And this includes finding a home that is safe, friendly, and comfortable. Anglia Ruskin university provides students with lots of options to choose from, including renting privately. ARU ensures that the accommodation is of a good standard and is safe.
The campuses of ARU are at the heart of four inspiring cities: Peterborough, Cambridge, London, and Chelmsford. With 120 student societies, a flourishing students’ union, and city life on the doorstep, there is never a dull moment at ARU. Students belonging to different cultures, values, and countries enrich the environment.
ARU understands how crucial it is to prepare its students for the world of work. ARU helps the students to take practical steps to follow the career they have chosen and secure jobs and work experience or start their businesses. ARU offers exposure through a student volunteering scheme.

Top Features

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Campus & Location

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Address: Cambridge Campus, East Rd, Cambridge CB1 1PT, United Kingdom

You Must Know

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Entry Requirement

Tuition Fee

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ARU understands how undertaking a degree course is a big commitment financially and in several other ways. Merit scholarship (worth £1,000) is offered to the undergraduate students from the UK who fulfills the eligibility criteria, including eligible EU/EEA students as well. The student automatically receives the notification from the university if they meet the eligibility criteria.

What You Like To Study

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Accounting and Finance with Foundation Year
Animal Behaviour with Foundation Year
Architectural Technology with Foundation Year
Architecture with Foundation Year
Artificial Intelligence with Foundation Year
Audio & Music Technology with Foundation Year
Banking and Finance with Foundation Year
Biomedical Science with Foundation Year
Building Surveying with Foundation Year
Business Management with Foundation Year
Business with Economics with Foundation Year
Business with Entrepreneurship with Foundation Year
Business with Events Management with Foundation Year
Business with Finance with Foundation Year
Business with Human Resource Management with Foundation Year
Business with Marketing with Foundation Year
Business with Tourism Management with Foundation Year
Computer Games Art with Foundation Year
Computer Networks with Foundation Year
Computer Science 4 Years with Foundation Year
Computer Science with Foundation Year
Crime and Investigative Studies with Foundation Year
Criminology and Policing with Foundation Year
Criminology with Foundation Year
Cyber Security with Foundation Year
Drama and English Literature with Foundation Year
Drama and Film with Foundation Year
Drama with Foundation Year
English Language and Linguistics with Foundation Year
English Literature with Foundation Year
Fashion Design with Foundation Year
Film with Foundation Year
Fine Art with Foundation Year
Forensic Science with Foundation Year
Graphic Design with Foundation Year
Hearing Aid Audiology
History with Foundation Year
Illustration and Animation with Foundation Year
Illustration with Foundation Year
Interior Design with Foundation Year
International Business Management with Foundation Year
Law with Foundation Year
Marine and Terrestrial Conservation with Foundation Year
Media and Communication with Foundation Year
Medical Science with Foundation Year
Pharmaceutical Science with Foundation Year
Photography with Foundation Year
Policing and Criminal Justice with Foundation Year
Politics with Foundation Year
Primary Education Studies with Foundation Year
Psychology with Clinical Psychology with Foundation Year
Psychology with Criminology with Foundation Year
Psychology with Foundation Year
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Public Health with Foundation Year
Quantity Surveying with Foundation Year
Software Engineering with Foundation Year
Sport and Exercise Science with Foundation Year
Sport and Exercise Therapy with Foundation Year
Sport Coaching and Physical Education with Foundation Year
Strength and Conditioning with Rehabilitation with Foundation Year
Working with Children, Families and Communities with Foundation Year
Zoology with Foundation Year

Accounting and Finance
Acute Care (Top-Up)
Acute Care (Top-Up) (Part Time)
Additive Manufacturing Engineering
Animal Behaviour
Applied Policing Studies (In-Service)
Architectural Technology
Artificial Intelligence
Audio & Music Technology
Automotive Engineering
Banking and Finance
Biomedical Science
Building Surveying
Business Administration (Top-Up)
Business Management
Business with Economics
Business with Entrepreneurship
Business with Events Management
Business with Finance
Business with Human Resource Management
Business with Marketing
Business with Tourism Management
Child and Adolescent Mental Wellbeing (Top-Up)
Civil and Construction Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil and Structural Engineering
Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering (3 Years)
Civil Engineering (Part Time)
Computer Games Art
Computer Games Technology
Computer Networks
Computer Science
Computer Science (3 Years)
Construction Management
Crime and Investigative Studies
Criminology and Policing
Criminology and Sociology
Cyber Security
Digital Media Production
Drama and English Literature
Drama and Film
Early Childhood Studies
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Electronic Music Production
Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems
Electronics and Robotics
Embedded Computing and Machine Learning
Engineering Technology (Civil)
English Language and Linguistics
English Literature
Fashion Design
Film and Media
Film Production
Finance with Economics
Fine Art
Forensic Science
Graphic Design
Illustration and Animation
Interior Design
International Business (Top-Up)
International Business Management
International Nursing Studies
Marine and Terrestrial Conservation
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (3 Years)
Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering
Media and Communication
Medical Science
Montessori Early Childhood Studies
Music and Sound Production
Music Performance
Music Production
Musical Theatre
Nursing - Adult
Pharmaceutical Science
Philosophy and English Literature
Policing and Criminal Justice
Primary Education Studies
Professional Policing
Psychology with Clinical Psychology
Psychology with Criminology
Public Health
Public Service (Top-Up)
Quantity Surveying
Software Engineering
Sport and Exercise Science
Sport and Exercise Therapy
Sport Coaching and Physical Education
Strength and Conditioning with Rehabilitation
Working with Children, Families and Communities
Writing and English Literature
Writing and Film

Accounting and Finance
Advanced Legal Practice
Advanced Midwifery Practice
Animal Behaviour Applications for Conservation
Applied Bioscience
Applied Data Science (Conversion)
Applied Linguistics and TESOL
Applied Positive Psychology
Applied Wildlife Conservation
Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
Artificial Intelligence with Cyber Security
Biomedical Science
Brand Management
Children's Book Illustration
Clinical Child Psychology
Clinical Nursing
Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience
Computer Games Development (Art)
Computer Games Development (Computing)
Computer Science
Construction and Civil Engineering Management
Construction Project Management
Consumer Psychology
Contemporary Ethics
Contemporary Faith and Belief
Contemporary Policing
Creative Writing
Creative Writing and Publishing
Cyber Security
Data Science
Education with Early Childhood
Education with Leadership and Management
Education with Montessori
Education with Special Educational Needs and Disability
Educational Leadership and Management
Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Engineering Management
English Literature
Film and Television Production
Fine Art
FinTech and Data Analytics
Forensic Science
Foundations in Clinical Psychology
Future Humanities
Global Public Health
Graphic Design and Typography
Healthcare Management
Healthcare Management (2 Years)
Human Resource Management
Information and Communication Technology (Conversion)
Intercultural Communication
International Business
International Business Law
International Commercial Law
International Law
International MBA
International Relations
International Social Welfare and Social Policy
Legal Practice Course
MBA (Full Time)
MBA (Part Time)
Mechanical Engineering
Medical and Healthcare Education
Medical and Healthcare Education (1 Year)
Mental Health
Music Therapy
Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy
Pharmaceutical Science
Physiotherapy (Pre-Reg)
Postgraduate Certificate in Education without QTS
Project Management
Psychology (Conversion)
Public Health and Community Wellbeing
Research Methods in Psychology
Sport and Exercise Science
Sport Coaching
Supply Chain Management
Town Planning
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Urology Master of Surgery